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Count all Salesforce records of all object types owned by a specific user

It's not the fastest or most elegant script, but using the CLI it's pretty easy to get a count of objects (of all types) owned by a specific user. It assumes that the field to be checked is ownerid, though, so might not work if you have other fields. A slightly better way might be to check which objects have an ownerid field first.

$ErrorActionPreference = 'SilentlyContinue' $objects = force sobject list $ownerId = '00590000001Abcd' # obviously replace this foreach($object in $objects) { $resp = (force query --format json "select count(id) from $object where ownerid='$ownerId'" | convertfrom-json | select -ExpandProperty expr0) $count = 0 if([Int32]::TryParse($resp, [ref]$count) -and $count -gt 0) { "$object : $count" } }