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Dynamics CRM - error publishing entity, role does not exist

This morning I was trying to add a new option to an option set field for a custom entity I had made earlier, however an error dialog popped up which said "The requested record is unavailable or you have insufficient permission to view the record", even though I'm in a System Administrator role.  Upon downloading the exception details and examining them, the actual error was this:

role With Id = dba45c71-05e2-e311-9210-0050568f0001 Does Not Exist

At one point there were multiple custom roles and multiple forms associated with this entity, configured such that people in an employee role could see one form and people in a manager/admin role could see a different form with more fields, things like that.  Later on this functionality wasn't required so I deleted all but one of the custom forms and roles, however it turns out that this form still had references to those custom roles.

There wasn't much information around about this, and all the solutions I could find wer…